Haig Point and the sea island sensibility.

The pace and priorities of the sea islands set them apart, just as much as their breathtaking beauty. Being apart from the mainland, our home remains unspoiled in many ways. In a few recent decades the advantages of modern life have been integrated thoughtfully, carefully, with vision and taste.

Island Lifestyle

Arrival Experience


Restored by a mile on the water.

The half-hour ferry ride washes away cares and distractions.  We arrive here transformed, even if we make the trip every day.  It begins with the courtesy of the sea, the way the captain and mates escort us, whether member or guest, new to the Island or a long-term resident.  The scenery is unforgettable – beauty that gets into your bones.  Often dolphins provide your convoy and sea birds sing the overture to your arrival.

A different look at space and time

Shaded island roads and trails, lined with live oaks festooned with Spanish moss meander anywhere you’d like to go.  Traffic is utterly non-existent.  If you see a motor vehicle it’s probably got work to do – bikes and golf carts are what residents use to get around. Children play outdoors.

Where Does the Time Go?

People arrive here from lives of action and enterprise, so slowing down is not exactly what they have in mind.  Sports and fitness and passions and fascinations of every kind find settings and facilities here.  The facilities are among the finest available, but the setting is utterly unmatched.

Perfect for Those Who Choose

A few of our members came here to play golf, and chose to spend a lifetime. For many of us, it was an uncommon choice that made so much sense when we took a careful look at life. We invite you to see what it might mean for you.