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I'm a Bit Green with Envy
This post is the fourth in a series about discovering the wonders of Haig Point from a visitor’s point of view.


I recently read that one of the PGA professionals at Haig Point won the South Carolina Open. Matt Bova, Assistant Golf Professional, posted three under par to win the 65th outing.

I am constantly mesmerized by the skill, talent and keen competitive spirit displayed by professionals such as Bova, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Phil Mickelson (my personal favorite). Come to think of it, anyone who scores below 100 is impressive to me. I may love the game of golf, however I am not a golfer. To me, golf means more than just playing it.

I love the strategy–the way a player has to think about how the grass lies, the slope, the wind. I love the beauty–meticulously maintained fairways, water hazards that mimic water views, perfectly placed bunkers. And I love the etiquette–the stillness of the crowd, the respect shown by other players, the cheering as the ball drops in the hole.

So when I had my first glimpse of the Rees Jones’ courses at Haig Point, I wondered if perhaps it was time to pick up the game. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing much of it on my golf-cart drives throughout the community and along the shoreline. Even as a non-golfer, I fully appreciate this challenging course as much as the scenery it provides.

For years, I have yearned to live in a golf course community for the views, for the expanse of nature and for the overall setting it presents. I imagine sitting on my back balcony, enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise.

I admit I am a bit envious of those who live on or by a golf course. I don’t live in Haig Point (yet), so for now I will have to rely on my visits to tame the green monster.

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