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My Latest Visit to Haig Point My Last?
One more trip to Haig Point makes me wonder how to make it my home away from home.


I knew my time at Haig Point would come to an end. After all, my business there was for a finite period. As I was packing for my last days there, I thought about the road trip I wouldn't have to drive anymore. Then, I thought about the ferry trip I wouldn't be able to take anymore. And that's when I got a bit sad. The ferry had become the epitome of the perfect wind-down at the end of the day's drive and the best energizer to begin the day of driving home.

On the last day, I had some time before I was to the board the ferry, so I took the golf cart for a final spin. And just as with every visit before, I discovered something new. A community park! A makeshift soccer field, volleyball net, picnic tables, playground set, pavilion--it all added up to the perfect setting for fun times for families and friends to gather. Then it hit me. This IS Haig Point--a community of friendly families of all sizes and ages, and friends who feel like family. This is what they mean by their tagline, "Sea Island Life Differently." Haig Point is different, and that difference of the ferry, the amenities, the uncrowded setting, the approachable residents and the lack of traffic, is amazing.

Okay, I admit it. I wish I had more time at Haig Point to be greeted by staff who actually enjoy their jobs. To chat with residents and members who wave at you as you pass their golf carts or ask you to join them at their table. To walk around and not have to worry about cars. To discover even more about the community.

So will I return to Haig Point? If I have the last word, it is definitely!

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