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Learn about the south's signature tree and what makes them so special.

Written by the Environmental Committee

We have all been "dealing" with lots of trees the last month! Most of us have a forest in our own back yards. One tree, The Southern Live Oak, is known for it's superior wind resistance.

Haig Point Constitution TreeOak trees represent about 400 species worldwide. In North America, about 90 species are recognized and over 40 species can be found in the southeast. The grand old tree of the deep south is the majestic Live Oak. Often seen draped in Spanish Moss, the Live Oak is the iconic tree of the south. Why "live" oak? Because this oak is evergreen and retains its leaves through winter and for weeks after new leaves emerge in the spring. Besides staying evergreen and being wind resistant, other attributes are: grows rapidly when young, can live for centuries, adapts to most soil types, tolerates salt spray and their acorns are the top food choice for many birds, squirrels, and deer.

Check out several of our beautiful Live Oaks surrounding the fountain near the Lighthouse. They have been recognized as "having lived here at the time of the signing of our Constitution." Making them well over 200 years old! Sadly, we did lose some Live Oaks due to the storm. Please consider planting a new one, to pass on it's beauty for centuries to come.

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