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Holidays at Haig Point
Holidays are celebrated in both traditional and unique ways when you live on a bridgeless island.

Holidays at Haig PoinT

Holidays are celebrated in both traditional and unique ways when you live on a bridgeless island.


The season starts as early as Halloween when Chef Jim becomes Decorator Jim who takes delight in transforming the Mansion into a friendly “spook” house.  Costumed or not, young or old, friends flock to the Halloween party to see or be seen.  It’s hard to tell who has the most fun – the onlookers or the “looked-upon-ers.”  After everyone has sampled and re-sampled the various delicacies at each of the “Halloween” food stations, the evening ends with applause for the winner of the Best Costume Award.Pictured below is the nonagenarian winner of the Most Shocking Costume award.  


It seems that Thanksgiving comes the day after Halloween. One can feel the holiday spirit building as you ride the ferry and hear about everyone’s holiday plans and expected visitors. The Thanksgiving buffet always makes you wonder how turkey can taste so good – or how you could have eaten so much. The good news is that most of the Thanksgiving calories will have been burned up just getting ready for what’s coming.  


Beginning the first week in December, horse-lovers of every age burn calories helping ‘deck the stalls with boughs of holly.’  Within a few weeks, the horse barn becomes Haig Point’s version of Fifth Avenue. On the appointed day, people meander passed the stalls like New Yorkers meander passed the store windows verbalizing their judgement of each stall’s decorations until the winner of the Best Stall Award is announced.Early December is also the time when Haig Point residents join the children from Daufuskie’s two-room elementary school for the lighting of the Haig Point Christmas tree and then listen to the children’s delightful renditions of their favorite Christmas carols.  Afterwards the children take their places at a reserved table in the formal dining room where they can show off their table manners which they have been practicing for months. (Rumor has it that Chef Jim will be showing off this year as he appears for the first time in his stylish new Christmas apparel.)  Along with the children, parents, teachers and members alike will enjoy a festive holiday dinner but probably the greater enjoyment will be watching the wide-eyed excitement of these Christmas-time children.As December progresses, every corner of Haig Point seems to say “Merry Christmas.”  You can hear the sound of horse hooves and sleigh bells as people take carriage rides from the Equestrian Center down to the beach. Homes adorned with Christmas lights twinkle in the evening darkness. There is nothing that doesn’t get decorated.  Even the ferries can be seen proudly displaying their festive lights as they cross the waters to Hilton Head. That’s when all eyes turn to the lighthouse for one of the most uniquely Haig Point annual events of the season. One special evening, everyone boards the festooned ferry for a cocktail cruise to the lighthouse where they loudly countdown to the magical moment when the evening darkness is shattered by the sudden appearance of the sparkling lighthouse and its brilliant reflection dancing on the water. The holiday season at Haig Point is both unique and traditional. It’s unique to find carolers on the beach making such joyous noise that applause for their efforts could be heard drifting back across the water from Harbour Town.  It’s traditional for families and friends to reach out to one another; to lend a hand at the Community Farm; and to donate to the Deepwell Christmas store where qualifying needy families can come in and shop for their children.  t is also a time when residents come together for the traditional Christmas Eve service followed by a potluck dinner at the Mansion. 


It’s a time that culminates with a double celebration of New Year’s Eve. Those who prefer family-oriented festivities will spend a homestyle evening at the Mansion where they will enjoy holiday music, games for kids and adults alike (Pictionary, pool, Jenga Blocks, and a corn hole toss), and irresistible food stations including old-fashioned desserts, ice cream and
milkshakes. Those who have any energy left will get fancied up for the gala New Year’s Eve party at the clubhouse where they will dance to a 10-piece orchestra until the ball drops. No matter how one spends the evening, New Year’s Eve is a time for resolutions and reflections. It is a time when everyone can share one common resolution – a resolution to appreciate every day of the new year being thankful for the blessings we enjoy living in this unique community called Haig Point on this beautiful island called Daufuskie.

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