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The Greening of Haig Point
Conservancy, sustainability, and other green initiatives are important to Haig Point

The Greening of Haig Point

Located in a place as special and biologically diverse as Daufuskie Island, conservancy, sustainability, and other green initiatives are important to Haig Point. Behind the scenes, many departments have begun and completed various projects to help promote a “greener” club and island for our Members and residents.

Haig Point Environmental Committee
Lead by Committee Chairperson, Yvonne Clemons, this group is dedicated to educating the Membership in best sustainable practices and environmental practices. TheyEducation Center identify ways to preserve and protect our natural island habitat. This group is responsible for organizing the biannual Beach Sweeps and creating and implementing the Haig Point Wildlife Trail. While Haig Point is a “Registered National Wildlife Federation Community,” the group is actively working to become a “Certified NWF Community.” Certification is granted after completing various projects and submitting them for approval. To date, projects have included the Oyster Reef Build, the recent Rain Garden installation, the seasonal Bluebird Monitoring, and the Nature and Recycling Education Table located in the Mansion.

Daufuskie Island Conservancy
DI ConservancyThe DI Conservancy is a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization committed to protecting Daufuskie Island’s natural environment. The Conservancy shares knowledge through educational programs; promotes sustainable living; conserves environmentally significant land, waterways and wildlife; and implements programs that encourage earth-friendly practices. It is the purpose of this group to raise awareness of island-wide programs and activities such as encouraging businesses to participate in Plastic Free Hilton Head and to ditch plastic drinking straws. President Mike Loftus approaches local businesses to encourage the elimination of straws and the movement towards eco-friendly solutions for carry-out food containers. So far, School Grounds Coffee, Melrose Beach Club, and Daufuskie Island Rum Company have jumped on board and participated in Strawless Summer 2018. If you are interested in getting involved in the Conservancy, visit New Members are always welcome, if interested, contact Yvonne Clemons at

Club and Community Association

Almost every department at Haig Point is committed to environmentally responsible behavior wherever possible. Most notably is the Food and Beverage department’s complete elimination of plastic drinking straws. While the straws currently offered appear to be plastic, they are actually a clear plant resin that is 100% compostable. The efforts by the Club have resulted in Haig Point being named a “Guardian of the Sea” by the Palmetto Ocean Conservancy in the fall of 2018. In addition to the recyclable and reusable Haig Point logo cups, you will also find plant-based to go cup options. Clubhouse Manager Sherrie Ragland is working with a new product distributor Club and Community Associationto  switch all takeout components to not only be recyclable but to take it one step further and make them all completely biodegradable. Changes have been made outside of F&B as well. All buildings on the property have been switched to LED lights, the toilets in the Clubhouse locker rooms are now waterless and the formerly water-cooled ice machines have become air-cooled. Facilities Maintenance has reduced the amount of gas-powered vehicles from five down to one and Golf Maintenance has gone from 18 down to one. Facilities Maintenance also has created procedures to responsibly dispose of paint and electronics in addition to the cardboard and single-stream recycling programs currently offered at the ARB location. Golf Maintenance has followed suit by implementing slow use Nitrogen on the golf course as well as moisture meters to measure the greens. The Equestrian Center does not utilize any pesticides on the horse pastures and the Tack store uses custom paper shopping bags that are so chic they can easily be reused as a gift bag!

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