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Constitution TreesBeing a part of our community is more than just owning a plot of land on Daufuskie Island. All of our homeowners double as members which gives them access to all sorts of amenities and services. We feel that being a member allows you to fully experience the Haig Point lifestyle. So regardless of if you decide to own a private island home or are just looking to visit many times during the year we offer a variety of membership options to fit your needs.

Membership Levels 

We recognize that everyone may have a different level of service and amenities they desire in their life at Haig Point, which is why we’ve designed different levels of membership to meet all our residents’ needs. All of our listed memberships include the following aspects for members and immediate family:

  • Tennis Court Usage

  • Access to Dining Facilities

  • Ferry Transportation

  • Parking at the Embarkation Point

In addition to the above amenities, Haig Point members are also able to enjoy privileges at a number of prestigious clubs throughout the nation through our reciprocity agreement.

Signature Golf Membership

If you are a true golf lover, then this Full Membership allows you to play as much as you want to improve your swing, work on your putt, or simply spend more time with friends on 29 holes of amazing golf. This membership also includes the full amenities of our club and Signature Membership.

Signature Club Membership

You enjoy golf, but you enjoy other amenities such as tennis and club activities a bit more. The Club Membership is ideal for experiencing all that Haig Point has to offer but with a little less time spent on the links.

Non-Property Owner Membership

This new category of membership is designed for those who love Haig Point but are not quite ready to establish a residence here. Limited in number, this option offers flexibility while still enjoying Club benefits.

National/International Membership

If you live over 100 miles from Haig Point, and don’t own property on the island this membership will help you enjoy all the privileges of our golf course, club facilities, and includes special lodging rates for 30 days per year. Currently, we only offer 25 of these memberships so inquire today!


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